Friday, March 14, 2014

The road of life

What have you done with your life ? , Are you really what you wanted to be ? There comes a time when the memory of your days spent on costs , and the illusion of old dreams , you face the reality that you live and these questions arise . The decisions you've brought you here , wrong or correct, traced a path , but is it any way you wanted?

We started this journey of life experiences and indeed without worry , protected from the outside by those we care , build around us a world where everything is easy , beautiful, perfect, with very little load on your shoulders start without much hurry, and most importantly, without fear, because in those days we really believe we are invincible , and when something appears to us not tell ourselves , is it that I do? ,

just do it , and so we think we can fly , we believe in magic, believe in dreams come true, believe in happy endings. And what happened then? , We face the reality that there will always be the same , that we grow , and although sometimes I crave when you least think we are missing the childhood that was happy, in which were protected , but should we be left behind, as we leave behind the shadow that shelters us , and stop being a person aimlessly following the footsteps of someone else, we must decide who we are , we must make own tracks , we face a world again, with hands full of all our dreams.

But we discovered that the obstacles we face are greater , the crossroads are greater , and our actions , or sometimes our good intentions are not enough . This fall , we were wrong and learn from it or we definitely sink in despite not being able to do it, it is there that our present is built, our future, is there when we forge with our decisions chisel the person we become.
We realize , sadly , that the world is not as perfect as we knew , that not all dreams come true, and that errors can weigh so much that we sink slowly if we do not address them.

So our life is built of good moments and bad moments , moments that remain as the best memories and moments that we would definitely forget , moments that hit us and lift us moments , moments that make us mourn seas of disappointment and moments that we return the brightness of joy. So life puts us over and over again at a crossroads without giving answers or clues of what to do , and depends of what we treasure our moments, what we learn from them, if we can decide whether or not the right path.

Many times the chosen path will be difficult and makes us wonder , is this the way you wanted? , But before reaching the darkness of a night full and heavy just in case something assures us that if this is the way, and take strength to continue.
We understand well that what we want can cost a life , that the path to our dreams is not exactly the easiest.

Then after many setbacks, many crossroads , many falls , many tracks or gave up , or learn to continue is the only way out , gave up and we emerged from the ashes of the error, we sink or wipe off our shoulders the weight of despair.

Our decisions brought us here , with the good and bad that they bring about, so if you wonder now if this was your way, is because maybe not you understand that is the way that your you trace , if today doubts whether you are the person you wanted to be is because maybe you did not take the right decision. But the path set is not deleted , and you can not go back to the tracks and let your steps , but you can dare to change direction if you think this way does not make you happy, and start from scratch once again.

Life , and most importantly God , give us every opportunity to change the world , so if we want to rebuild and destinations if we want to dream if you want and are willing to fight for those dreams. And it's true , maybe our way is not so easy , beautiful and perfect as the children we met , but it depends on us to do better.